Bluebird Chicks Are Hatching

Our bluebird chicks have started hatching. Two hatched before my bedtime last night, a third overnight. We’ peeking in this morning. Mom is sitting on the nest, sometimes resting, sometimes tending the chicks. Dad shows up with snacks and pops in to check things out.

We’re watching eastern bluebirds in a nesting box with a camera installed inside to let us watch without disturbing them. The camera switches to black & white in low light. And, the exposure control stinks, that’s why it washes out or goes black as a bird comes or goes.

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    Betsy May 6, 2023

    Hi Ian,
    Great video! I mounted a Blink inside one of my Bbird boxes this year but am unable to get the perspective you have. Thinking I may have to add a second story housing for the camera to get some distance.
    Would you be willing to share your set up?
    Betsy (got your info from the listserv)

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