Loons Have Returned to the North Country

Loons have returned to our local ponds. The Westons – the loons on the pond to my west – were spotted a week ago on Monday, April 10. The Middletons – the loons on the pond between the eastern and western ponds I’ve been following – showed up Thursday, April 13.

In other news, our bluebirds have been around the yard regularly. Their camera is supposed to send me a notification when they’re in the box. It hasn’t been sending notifications and has been on my list to fix for a time. Yesterday I went to show off the live feed and found Mrs. Bluebird in the box.

Mrs. Bluebird has been busy, I tuned in just in time to catch up on the news.

I was surprised how far along in their plans the bluebirds were when mom left the box.

A friend on the north end of the Westons’ pond messaged to tell me the loons were back. The water was open on their end of the pond. I hit the pond the next afternoon, only to find that there was still ice between the boat launch and the loons. Being too stubborn to take the hint, I tried breaking through with the kayak. Most of the ice was just slushy water, but the last 40 or 50 feet had ice too thick to break through. I had to give up. I returned Sunday and the ice was gone. There were two loons on the pond. It was a windy afternoon, and there weren’t any photos to be made.

On Friday, I tried the Middletons’ pond. Two loons were foraging together for a time before preening and settling in for a nap.

The turtles were lining the pond to welcome the loons back. Or maybe just to bask. Hard to tell with turtles. There were a couple hundred painted turtles, basking on most every long or hummock in the sun.

Insects of some sort were hatching and the trout were near the surface – or jumping above it – most of the afternoon. The loons were foraging quickly, with short shallow dives. They took the occasional break to stretch.

After feeding, they took time to preen.
After preening, this loon give a nice stretch.

I hope to follow the loons on the same three ponds that I have been watching again this season. You can keep up with their adventures by subscribing. And, if you know someone who enjoys wildlife, please share the blog with them.

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    […] Loons are back! At least, on two of the ponds that Newbury VT photographer Ian Clark frequents. Despite some ice on one of them, two loons were already settling in—as were a pair on the other pond, along with a few hundred painted turtles. And, Ian adds, things are already well along in his bluebird nesting box. […]

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    david caron April 21, 2023

    thank you for the nature photos i enjoy them from my apt . in new haven,ct and connects me to vt
    . i get them via daybreak

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